Monday, May 20, 2013

Curly and thankful

I have curly hair.

The first curly haired child in my family.

I have always liked my hair, sometimes it was just too much, I call these years the "rebel hair child rearing years" I didn't have time to take care of it, so it was in a perpetual chignon or top knot. My kids are toddlers now, so I worry about different things and have a little more time for myself.

I went cold turkey "natural" 6 months ago, this means I stopped using "product" in it, only butters and olive oil. Curly hair is naturally dry, you have to invest time in bringing moisture to it, sometimes it feels like a job.

But... There's always one, isn't there? Life is too short to stress about things you can "kinda control" I moisturized it till an inch of making it oily and then cut half off. My hair was long, think "Latoya J" long. So now it's a comfortable shoulder length. I still use butter and oil. A little bit of hair polishers and Mousse nothing fancy, you can buy everything at your pharmacy or supermarket. (I'm frugal that way)

My hair now:

Products I normally use:
  • Palmer's cocoa butter
  • Olive oil
  • Smooth and Shine Instant repair
  • Smooth and Shine polishing curling mousse
My "daily routine" is Normal shampoo and conditioner, I wash my hair every other day, olive oil once a week, butter and polisher when I feel my hair specially dry (My city's micro climate is very dry).

That's it

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