Saturday, October 19, 2013



I like to live a comfortable life.

Dark chocolate is a creature comfort for me, coffee in the morning too, as well as happy safe people and animals.
So... if I get to a traffic light, it's red and there is a one month old kitten in the incoming lane, YOU are in one of the four other vehicles in front of mine, minutes pass by as nobody gets out of their car and helps it, I WILL BERATE YOU. (meanwhile I save said kitten)

You were nearer to the kitten, it was as easy as opening the door and safely taking it to the sidewalk.
Watching a kitten/any small animal getting squashed by a car is WAY out of my comfort levels, and I will always stop.

Makes you wonder what are their comfort levels...

Things I did before 1 p.m:
1.- Saved a kitten
2.- Ranted at guys with colorful local expletives
3.- I'm my kids Hero.

and a 4th, the hubs said I was scary... LOL'd

Have a great weekend and safe travels for those of you that are on the road.

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Katerine said...

How sweet. I would totally do the same thing. x