Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Salsa verde

A staple here in México

(General disclaimer pics taken are from my phone, I'm not a pro photog)

1 Tablespoon salt (to blend with boiled ingredients)
1 Kilo/2 pounds of Tomatillos (Green tomatoes)
4 garlic cloves peeled
1/2 medium sized white onion
handful of cilantro
2 jalapeños (or whatever chili you feel comfortable with)
big pot filled 3/4 with water

You boil all ingredients listed above, until the bright green tomatillos change to a muted olive green, like this:

Drain the pot  and blend all the cooked ingredients adding salt.
Voila! You have green salsa.

^This is how it looks blended.

Pictured above is how I ate it :Chilaquiles verdes con pavo

Saturday, October 19, 2013



I like to live a comfortable life.

Dark chocolate is a creature comfort for me, coffee in the morning too, as well as happy safe people and animals.
So... if I get to a traffic light, it's red and there is a one month old kitten in the incoming lane, YOU are in one of the four other vehicles in front of mine, minutes pass by as nobody gets out of their car and helps it, I WILL BERATE YOU. (meanwhile I save said kitten)

You were nearer to the kitten, it was as easy as opening the door and safely taking it to the sidewalk.
Watching a kitten/any small animal getting squashed by a car is WAY out of my comfort levels, and I will always stop.

Makes you wonder what are their comfort levels...

Things I did before 1 p.m:
1.- Saved a kitten
2.- Ranted at guys with colorful local expletives
3.- I'm my kids Hero.

and a 4th, the hubs said I was scary... LOL'd

Have a great weekend and safe travels for those of you that are on the road.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Curly and thankful

I have curly hair.

The first curly haired child in my family.

I have always liked my hair, sometimes it was just too much, I call these years the "rebel hair child rearing years" I didn't have time to take care of it, so it was in a perpetual chignon or top knot. My kids are toddlers now, so I worry about different things and have a little more time for myself.

I went cold turkey "natural" 6 months ago, this means I stopped using "product" in it, only butters and olive oil. Curly hair is naturally dry, you have to invest time in bringing moisture to it, sometimes it feels like a job.

But... There's always one, isn't there? Life is too short to stress about things you can "kinda control" I moisturized it till an inch of making it oily and then cut half off. My hair was long, think "Latoya J" long. So now it's a comfortable shoulder length. I still use butter and oil. A little bit of hair polishers and Mousse nothing fancy, you can buy everything at your pharmacy or supermarket. (I'm frugal that way)

My hair now:

Products I normally use:
  • Palmer's cocoa butter
  • Olive oil
  • Smooth and Shine Instant repair
  • Smooth and Shine polishing curling mousse
My "daily routine" is Normal shampoo and conditioner, I wash my hair every other day, olive oil once a week, butter and polisher when I feel my hair specially dry (My city's micro climate is very dry).

That's it

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blingy Winter hat

Saw a version of it in one of my fellow Google+ feeds, so I had to knit one for my kid. 
Not bad for my first knit hat on the round.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

House of...

Good Morning!

Yesterday we watched Harry Potter I (Only age appropriate movie in the series for my kids) when it ended my eldest asked me which House would I like to be in, I said: "Ravenclaw" and she said: --- Not Gryffendor?
- No, I'm not Harry Potter honey.
She got a thoughtful look and said, "I like Hufflepuff, but Slytherin is so cool because you can speak with Snakes" (Parsel tongue). Then she looked at her sister and asked her:
- What house would you like to be in?
She smiled and said: "In the House of Hello Kitty"

My kids definitely have their priorities straight.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I've seen many sad faces today.

Some due to being beat, others for being sick and tired of a situation that seemingly doesn't end.

Where are the great thinkers the ones that bring us hope? Sometimes waiting for Dharma to finally happen isn't enough.

We need beauty, hope a better understanding of life as it is.


Let's hope we all cope.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


When I was 6 and watching "The Slipper and the Rose" I truly believed in Happily Ever after.

Don't get me wrong, I still believe we can achieve steady happiness in life but 30 years later it's not what it seamed like when I was young.

Life is tiring, sometimes it just takes all of you. We aren't educated for this, we are given a blank slate and brain washed in believing everything will be all right after you: Study, Graduate, get the job of your dreams, fall in love and have kids...

Maybe I'm jaded, never satisfied with what I achieve.

A friend told me last week it's the toddler years, you give a lot and don't seem to get anything in exchange, I really don't think that's true, happy hugs, slobbery kisses and my daughters dancing to some tune makes my day.

It's the tediousness of Staying in one place... time clicking by

tick tick

One life to live... tick tick tick

I'll figure it out, this year...

Hope Mayan Apocalypse doesn't really happen, that would be a bummer of a deadline 2012
So I have 3 years to go... lol!